CasusGrill Single Use Biodegradable Grill


We can't wait to introduce you to CasusGrill - the backpacker's best friend!

The CasusGrill is a redesign and green transformation of the aluminum disposable grill. It’s made of sustainable materials without the use of metals. More efficient, less waste, safer and it makes GREAT food.

You can bring the CasusGrill almost everywhere with a good conscience – to the beach, park, fishing trip or when hiking in the mountains – during a cold winter day in -10°C / 14°F in 2,000 meters’ height or on a hot summer day at the beach.


No use of metals which takes up to 200 years to decompose. No bad taste or smell of lighter liquid or fossils fuel.

Quick Oxylite™ makes it ready to cook in 5 minutes – 400 C / 600 F degrees. It creates a high, even temperature that ensures your food is properly cooked. Cooking time about 60 minutes.

All materials are sustainable and biodegradable except the lava stones. The lava stones can easily be returned to nature and even used as soil improvement and 100% pure cultivation for plants. Can be disposed in a bonfire and leaves NO trash behind in nature.

Reduced CO2 emissions because use of less charcoal
Very portable: L32 x W24 x H5,5 cm and approx. 1 kg in weight.

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