Lepp Turkey Roast 3lbs *SEE DETAILS


Take the hassle out of carving your turkey - by not carving it at all! The team at Lepp carefully takes the best of JD Farms turkey and prepares it in a roast for you and your family to enjoy. 

Sold fresh, roasts are approximately 3lbs to feed up to 6 people.


Optional - brine roast over night. One hour before baking, discard brine mixture and rinse roast. Pat dry and allow to come to room temperature.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Season with olive oil and spices, rub over all sides of roast.
In a roasting pan slightly larger than the roast, place vegetables like  onions, carrot and celery pieces, and fresh herbs if desired. Pour chicken broth over vegetables and place roast on top of vegetables.
Bake roast for approximately 30 minutes per pound, until internal temperature registers at 150-155 degrees. Start checking after 75 minutes. Baste with pan juices a few times in between. Roast will get quite dark, but feel free to tent with tin foil after one hour if you feel it’s browning too much. Some of the blackened outer crust will come off when you remove the netting, so don’t panic too much about a very dark crust.
When internal temperature registers 155 degrees, remove roast from oven, place on cutting board and tent with foil for 10 – 15 minutes.
Strain vegetables and broth, pressing on vegetables to release all their delicious juices. Thicken pan juices to make gravy or add to any gravy you have on hand. Discard strained vegetables.
Cut off netting with a scissor and discard. Slice roast into desired thickness.
Serve with pan juices or gravy.

**Orders can be picked up from our Market location or delivered on either Thursday, April 1st or Saturday, April 3rd. 

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