Nude Vodka Soda Mixed Pack 12x355ml*DELIVERY ONLY


This mixer pack contains four delicious flavours.

Classic Lime: The classic vodka soda... but better.
Peach: A sweet peach aroma combined with a crisp finish.
Raspberry Lemon: A refreshing raspberry taste with a hint of lemon.
Mango: a juicy and rich tropical mango flavour that tastes just like summer.

ALC 5% alc/vol 355ml

*Due to liquor licensing laws, this alcoholic beverage is only available for delivery.

*Product pricing includes $27.39 retail cost + $5 service charge for delivery.

*Two pieces of ID needed upon delivery.


Supplier Information:

Angry Otter Liquor @ Whatcom

100 - 1900 N Parallel Rd

Abbotsford, BC V3G 2C6

Licensee #195352

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