Fresh Gourmet Ciabatta Croutons 128g


Taste Tuscany in every bite with this classic crispy crust bread Italian bakeries have been preparing for centuries. Light, crunchy and seasoned with butter and sea salt, Ciabatta is a favourite throughout Italy. 

Made from carefully crafted artisan breads and sprinkled with a proprietary blend of fresh herbs, spices and sea salt, the bread is cut in generously large pieces and then baked again to enhance the crispy, delicate flavour. 

Ingredients: Enriched flour, canola and/or extra virgin olive and/or soybean oil, sea salt, malt, sugarm butter oil, garlic powder, spice, yeast, natural and artificial flavours, tocopherols, ascorbic acid, rosemary extract, citric acid. 

** Contains wheat, milk. May contain tree nuts. 

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