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Weekly Vegetable Harvest Box
Weekly Vegetable Harvest Box

Weekly Vegetable Harvest Box

Breeze through the produce aisle in 1 swift click. We've bundled all your favourite veggies, and they will continue to grow and change as the seasons allow.

Today, your Weekly Vegetable Harvest Box includes:

Avocado (2)
BC Grown Long English Cucumber (2)
Bell Peppers (3)
Yellow Onion (1)
Red Onion (1)
White Garlic (1)
Orange Carrots 1lb
Organic Spinach + Spring Mix Salad 454g

Weekly Fruit Harvest Box
Weekly Fruit Harvest Box

Weekly Fruit Harvest Box

Your produce for a week in one simple click! This Harvest Box will be updated seasonally to include all your favourite fruits as they become locally available.

Your Weekly Fruit Harvest Box includes:

Bartlett Pears (5)
Honeycrisp Apples (5)
Heirloom Navel Orange (5)
Lemon (2)
Lime (1)
Organic Bananas 1 Bunch (6)


Our Produce Promise:

Local food is the foundation of what we do and we will always prioritize local farmers, chefs and artisans when bringing products into our shop. If it's in season in BC, we'll have it.

We love food, and the reality is, some great ingredients just aren't grown or made in our fine province. To offer the best grocery experience we are expanding our selection to include select high-demand, top-quality products that can't be found natively in BC.

It will always be our goal to create a channel for people to access the best LOCAL food + goods in the Fraser Valley communities that we serve. We have worked incredibly hard to find and source the best that BC has to offer and we're proud to support over 100+ local farms, artisans and producers.

However, we know that seasonality plays a role in our business, especially when it comes to produce. Unfortunately, in the middle of winter, the amount of locally-based options are dramatically reduced.

So, to ensure we are able to provide a full grocery offering for our customers, we've decided it is integral to our business that during these months we sell select products from outside BC.

We understand that this may seem at odds with what we're about, and openly this was a hard decision for us to make. There is a saying that goes something like "Don't make perfect the enemy of Good", and that's what this comes down to.

So here's our promise to you:

We'll always be LOCAL FIRST!
We are 100% committed to supporting our local suppliers, buying local FIRST before sourcing from anywhere else. If we cannot find a few select items, we will bring these items in from reputable farms elsewhere until BC farms have these products available again.

When we can we'll buy LOCAL SOMEWHERE
We've had countless requests for select items that we are not able to grow in BC. Lemons, limes avocados, bananas are some of your most popular requests. In order to offer select items, we are working with Lepp Farms to thoughtfully works with the best local distributors to access these products.

Growing our offering with these goods will help encourage more folks to shop with Local Food Supply, allowing more people to invest in the local economy.

We know that not everyone will agree with these changes, but we don't want ideals to get in the way of our mission to support local farms and help our local economy and food businesses. If you have any ?'s or concerns, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach us at: [email protected]

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